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As of December 2015 we have performed more than 100 000 surgical eye procedures. Every year we perform more than 80 000 examinations at our clinics in Bratislava, Brno, Prague and Český Tešín. Our patients are cared for by a 200 member professional team of eye doctors, surgeons, optometrists, nurses and medical assistants. The experts at our clinics NeoVízia Bratislava, NeoVize Brno, NeoVize Český Těšín, DuoVize Prague, OCP Prague a Kukátko Prague work closely together and collaborate regularly. We are the first to bring procedures to Slovakia and the Czech Republic, which have been proven through long-term practice at renowned clinics around the world. We were the first to:

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I want to get rid of my glasses

Chcem sa zbaviť okuliarov

A laser surgery takes approximately fifteen minutes but its result can positively affect your whole life. You will wake up in the morning and immediately...


I have cataract

Mám sivý zákal

Thanks to the most modern femtosecond laser LenSx®, the eye surgeon does not need to use any more sharp instruments during the procedure...


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Our doctors were especially interested in the lectures and seminars on the topic of corneal implants at the congress. Our doctors and surgeons MUDr. Miriam Záhorcová (NeoVízia Bratislava) and MUDr. Lucie Valešová (DuoVize Prague) are the first Czech and Slovak surgeons, who remove the need for  reading glasses in patients older than 45 years with the help of corneal implants Raindrop.  



Our satisfied patients

Mr. and Mrs. Šarapatek PRELEX

Mr. and Mrs. Šarapatek PRELEX

The engineer/ economist

“The result of the surgical procedure is amazing, I was able to fill out the questionnaire complet

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Eva Jerhotová, M.D., Ph.D.

Our team

Eva Jerhotová, M.D., Ph.D.

Eye doctor

The whole team
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