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Mr. and Mrs. Šarapatek PRELEX
The engineer/ economist (12.11.2014)

"“The result of the surgical procedure is amazing, I was able to fill out the questionnaire completely without glasses.” "

Mr. and Mrs. Šarapatek do not only have almost the same names - Zdeňka and Zdeněk, - they also had the same problem: they both developed presbyopia. Their natural eye lenses simply could not focus sufficiently anymore.        

That is why they both decided to undergo the surgical procedure PRELEX, where the natural, human eye lens is replaced with an artificial multifocal intraocular eye lens, that can, thanks to its abilities, ensure sharp vision into all distances, making it possible for the patient to get rid of glasses completely.            

Despite the fact that both suffered from the same problem, the doctors at our Eye Clinic, MUDr. Renata Matějková and MUDr. Jitka Wernerová offered different solutions to each of them: “The choice of multifocal eye lenses depends mainly on the kind of work the patient does. Mr. Šarapatek, as an engineer, works mainly outside and does not spend more than an hour at a computer screen each day. Aside from that, he is also a big sports enthusiast – he rides a bike, likes to ski and surf. Mrs. Šarapatková, however, works in the economic sphere and spends most of her time at work in front of a computer screen”, MUDr. Renata Matějková explains.

“Together with MUDr. Wernerová, we interpreted the life style of both patients and decided to offer the trifocal eye lens Zeiss ATLisa to Mrs. Šarapatková, and the eye lens Acrysof IQ ReSTOR to Mr. Šarapatek,”, as MUDr. Matějková comments about the choice of two different solutions.           

When we asked Mr. Šarapatek to fill out a satisfaction questionnaire after the surgery, his commentary was clear: “The result of the surgical procedure is amazing, I was able to fill out the questionnaire completely without glasses.”        

“Not only is the result wonderful, but also everything else, starting from the entry examination and the surgery up to today's check- up. At the Eye Clinic, we were nicely suriprised by the comfortable environment, nice personnel and the number of experienced professionals. We appreciated that they did us the favor and gave us a joint appointment together,” explains Mrs. Šarapatková.    

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