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Raindrop – without a pair of reading glasses

Do you wear reading glasses, but they limit you in your every-day activities?

We offer a new, unique method – Raindrop, implantation of a very small inlay into the cornea with the help of a femtosecond laser, we are able to help patients get rid of their reading glasses. 


How does Raindrop work? 

A miniature hydrogel eye inlay with a diameter of 2 millimeters and a thickness of 30 mikrometers consists of water to 80%. Raindrop is the first eyeinlay to be implanted under a corneal flap created by a femtosecond laser. It softly and carefully changes the curvature of the cornea, which ensures a high-quality vision into short and middle distances – without a pair of reading glasses. 



Whom is this method best suited for? 

This method is suitable for patients, who are older than 45 years of age, and suffer from presbyopia – a need  for a reading glasses – with dioptres in the range from + 1.25 to + 2.75. 

This unique surgical procedure is used by eye clinics all around the world – the USA, France, Germany, the United Kingdom or Spain. We have been offering this method since May 2014.


Raindrop is very well accepted by the eye´s cornea as well as the whole human body in general. The inlay is made out of biocompatible material and behaves almost the same as the human eye lens. It lets 100% of oxygen through, as well as all necessary nutrients for the eye´s healthy nutrition. It does not affect the metabolism of the cornea and does not cause any disturbing light phenomena,“ explain our doctors Miriam Záhorcová and Lucie Valešová, who introduced this revolutionary method to Slovakia and the Czech Republic. 

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